30 Sides Dishes For Your 4th of July Get-Together


I firmly believe a good Fourth of July gathering is as much about the burgers and hot dogs as it is about the vast array of side dishes. A great pasta or potato salad, coleslaw, and a few extra things tossed on the grill all turn the party into a full-blown celebration. While you very well may already have your standard sides in order, this year bring a few new things to the spread. Here are 30 of our most favorite recipes from the archives.

Pasta, Potato & Grain Salads

Whether it’s a classic macaroni salad, a creamy potato salad, or a hearty grain salad, these sides are always a must at a great Fourth celebration.

Vegetable Salads & Slaws

Bring some veggies to the party in the form of crisp, crunchy salads and slaws. Most of these are no-cook, which is always a plus in the hot summer months.

Sides from the Grill

If the grill is already on, you might as well toss a few more crowd-pleasing things on the grates to round out the meal.

Source : thekitchn

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