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All year round, Target talks about how customers (actually, executives refer to shoppers as guests) can find lots of “affordable joy” in stores and online. Luckily, that seems to be extra true during the holidays. You know, when you have loads of cheer to spread but a limited budget to do so.

Between all of Target’s special in-house brands — like Opalhouse, Threshold, Hearth & Hand, and even the kiddie line Pillowfort — there are hundreds and hundreds of great gifts to choose from. They’re all totally stylish and well-designed, yet somehow also well-priced. That means you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to wrap up a gift that you’re excited to give.

To help you cross off everyone on your shopping list, we spent hours walking through a store and came up with this list of 20 great gifts that look way more expensive than they actually are.

    1. Hearth & Hand with Magnolia House Cookie Jar, $20

    Your friend might not be able to have Chip and Joanna Gaines come redo her house, so this little home is the next best thing. Plus it can be filled with cookies. So in a way, it’s even better.

    (Image credit: Target)

    2. Sugar Paper for Target Cheese Spreaders, $12 for three

    For your sister-in-law who loves cheese as much as mice do, these porcelain cheese spreaders couldn’t be sweeter. They feel perfectly festive this time of year, but can certainly be set out on a cheese board during the non-holiday months, too.

    3. Wondershop Sencha Green Tea with Matcha Pyramid Bags, $5 for 15 bags

    Target has seriously stepped up its grocery game this season — especially in terms of little giftables. Not only is this stuff as good as the more expensive brands you have to special order online, but it also comes in a neat little box that really just needs a ribbon. Instant hostess or white elephant gift!

    4. Threshold Holiday Icons Stemless Wine Glasses, $10 for four

    The first time we saw these wine glasses, we didn’t even realize they were plastic! Maybe because those festive little characters are just so darn adorable? This is the gift you get your coworker who is just totally obsessed with the holidays (and drinking wine when she’s pulling a late night at the office).

    5. Opalhouse Candle Holders, $3 each

    You know how fun it is to watch someone pull a trinket out of a gift bag and then be able to tell her to keep digging? That’s exactly what could happen if you get a few of these colorful candle holders. At just $3 each, you can really load up and stuff a gift bag or box for less than $20.

    (Image credit: Target)

    6. Threshold Beaded Cake Stand, $20

    Every baker needs a cake stand. (And even non-bakers could put one to good use holding soap and dish-duty tools by the sink, decorating a dinner table, or propping out a well-styled shelf.) This 13-inch, porcelain cake stand is simple yet elegant, which means it’ll put the spotlight on whatever’s sitting on top.

    (Image credit: Target)

    7. Project 62 Glass Whiskey Decanter with Wood Stopper, $10

    A nearly identical decanter from any other home store would cost you three or four times as much. At only $10, you just might be able to add in a bottle of whiskey, too. (Although you totally do not have to!)

    (Image credit: Target)

    8. Cravings by Chrissy Teigen 5-Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Lid, $40

    For anyone who loves Chrissy Teigen as much as we do, her new Dutch oven couldn’t be a classier gift. It’s beautiful, durable, and just as hefty as the name-brand ovens on the market. And it’s even $10 less expensive than our other favorite budget-friendly option!

    (Image credit: Target)

    (Image credit: Target)

    9. Project 62 Stoneware Sugar Bowl and Creamer, $5 and $5

    Pair these two individually sold items together and you have a super-special gift for a frequent entertainer or anyone who’s trying to cut back on stops at expensive coffee shops. The speckled stoneware couldn’t be more on-trend if it tried!

    (Image credit: Target)

    10. Smith & Hawken Rosemary Grow Kit, $13

    Instead of giving your hostess a bouquet of flowers, which she then has to handle, give her this rustic rosemary kit. She can set it up on her own time (after everyone’s gone home) and she’ll find it pretty handy in the kitchen, too.

    (Image credit: Target)

    11. Made by Design 18-Piece Dinnerware Set, $40

    We were so excited when Target launched its new Made by Design line over the summer. The pieces look like a cross between IKEA and Muji at similar (or better) prices. We love this sophisticated, basic set for anyone who’s just starting off on a new adventure in 2019.

    (Image credit: Target)

    12. Project 62 Tall Glass Food Storage Canister, $15

    Way prettier than your average food storage canister, this one has tinted glass, an elegant fluted design, and a wooden lid. And it can hold up to 66.5 ounces. Get it for any home cook who always seems to need more storage.

    13. Opalhouse Floral Stoneware Container with Ceramic Unicorn Lid Pink, $12

    Got a friend who’s a little more boho than glam? Consider this canister instead. It’s smaller but still just as useful. We also like this if you’ve got a niece to shop for — she can use it in her room to stash jewelry and trinkets.

    (Image credit: Target)

    14. Threshold Acacia Cutting Board, $20

    Measuring in at 12×19 inches, this board is sizable — especially when you consider the price. It can be used as a cutting board, a cheese board, or just a serving board in general. Wrap one up for anyone who loves to entertain.

    (Image credit: Target)

    15. Threshold Stoneware Pitcher, $15

    Everyone needs a solid pitcher (or three) in the rotation to use for serving or holding flowers. This one is a little rustic and a little bit modern, which means it’ll work in any sort of kitchen.

    (Image credit: Target)

    16. Rainbow Barware Set, $24

    This set will last far longer than a bottle of wine or booze. It includes a cocktail shaker, stir spoon, strainer, and a double jigger. And that rainbow-inspired design adds a nice pop of color.

    (Image credit: Target)

    17. Threshold Glass Beverage Dispenser, $30

    We know you guys love a good beverage dispenser and we’re guessing your friends and family do too. This two-gallon option is sleek, stylish, and actually glass — whereas a beverage dispenser at this price point would usually be plastic!

    18. Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Yarn Dye Pot Holder Set, $9 for two

    Pot holders are one of those things that people never think to buy for themselves. Then, before you know it, the two pot holders you do have are ratty and stained. Help loved ones upgrade with this super-cute set from Chip and Joanna. Each one doubles as a trivet, too.

    (Image credit: Target)

    19. Pillowfort Pineapple Lamp, $30

    This lamp (and the other goodies in the Pillowfort line) are technically meant for kids’ rooms, but we think it’d look pretty darn cute in a kitchen or an entryway. Fun fact: Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality.

    (Image credit: Target)

    20. Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Toy Kitchen and Fridge, $140 and $70

    Before you balk at the price, hear us out. Yes, you can get a plastic toy kitchen for $80, but it’s never going to be this cute. And usually, anything close to this level of design will cost you way more than $400. But, hey, we get it if you don’t have $210 to spend on a fake kitchen (or even a real one!) — that’s why we’re also going to mention this adorable matching cookware set.

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